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Rather than promoting a single Big Bang Challenge, I thought folks in this community might be interested in the spreadsheet I just made of All 70+ Supernatural Big (and Otherwise) Bang Challenges.

They are past and present, LiveJournal and Tumblr (and Dreamwidth too), Big Bangs, Mini Bangs, Reverse Bangs, and even Mega Bangs! Links to AO3 collections, years active, sign-up dates, wordcounts, oh my!

Everything you might want to know about (that's not actually in the spreadsheet) -- definitions of what's in and out, other resources, future plans!

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Hello! I found this on LiveJournal and thought I'd share it here with all you lovely people on Dreamwidth!

Sastiel Big Bang

[profile] sastiel_bigbang has just announced a Sastiel Big Bang challenge for 2013.

The challenge focuses on the relationship between any combination of Sam Winchester, Castiel, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins from the series, Supernatural, in any form. Their minimum word count is 15,000.

Here's a link to their Schedule and F.A.Q.s

Sign ups will open on May 15th right after the season finale ends, so do check them out and tell all your friends! ♥
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Community: [community profile] sncross_bigbang   ([syndicated profile] sncross_bigbang_feed)

Fandom/Theme: Supernatural, Crossovers

Minimum Word Count: 15,000

Sign Ups - January 11th to February 20th
Checkpoint #1 - February 11th
Checkpoint #2 - March 11th
Checkpoint #3 - April 8th
Rough Drafts Due - April 20th
Artist Claiming - April 23rd
Art and Fics Due - May 23rd
Posting Schedule Up - May 27th
Posting Starts - June 3rd

Important Links:
FAQs and Rules
Author Sign Ups
Artist Sign Ups

Past Story Indexes:
Round 1 (2009)
Round 2 (2010)
Round 3 (2011)


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