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Link: [community profile] apocalypsebang | | [ profile] apocalypsebang

Description: Hey everyone! We want you for the end of the world. Sign ups open now through 'til rough drafts are due for writers. Join us for fun and games in the end of times. All fandoms/original/rpf/artist media types/types of apocalypse/what have you welcomed and embraced. :)

Dates: Sign Ups open until rough drafts are due for authors on 3rd January. Art claims on 6th January. Posting begins 14th February
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Hello! I found this on LiveJournal and thought I'd share it here with all you lovely people on Dreamwidth!

Sastiel Big Bang

[profile] sastiel_bigbang has just announced a Sastiel Big Bang challenge for 2013.

The challenge focuses on the relationship between any combination of Sam Winchester, Castiel, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins from the series, Supernatural, in any form. Their minimum word count is 15,000.

Here's a link to their Schedule and F.A.Q.s

Sign ups will open on May 15th right after the season finale ends, so do check them out and tell all your friends! ♥
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Community: [community profile] polybigbang | LJ Mirror @ [ profile] polybigbang

Fandom & Theme: Pan-fandom (including original!), must focus on polyamorous relationship/s. More info in the FAQ.

Minimum Word Count: 10,000

Status: Author sign ups are open now until the day drafts are due on 10th October. Artist sign ups open until all summaries are chosen for art.

Important Links: FAQ/Rules/Schedule
Sign Ups: Author | Artist
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Community: [ profile] robotbigbang

Fandom/Theme: Pan-fandom, original and RPF welcome, robots (non-biological lifeforms) are required.

Min. Word Count: 10,000

Status: All sign ups open, rough drafts and summaries due 9th August, posting begins 29th September.

Important Links: -Writer Sign Ups
-Artist Sign Ups
-Full Schedule
-Story Index - not yet available
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Community: [ profile] boomerangbang

Fandom/Theme: RPF -- Hanson

Minimum Word Count: 20,000

Status: Writer signups until June 26, artist and mixer signups until July 3. Writing until August 26.

Important Links: Rules/FAQ | Author Sign-ups | Mixer Sign-ups | Artist Sign-ups
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Community: [ profile] deutschmusikbb

Fandom/Theme: German music RPF.

Minimum Word Count: 15,000

Status: Posts December 4, 11, and 18.

Important Links: FAQ Author Sign-ups (closed) Artist Sign-ups (closed) Story Index (not yet applicable)


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