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2012 Schedule

Author/Artist signups open: Saturday March 10th 2012
Author signups close: Monday April 30th 2012
Artist signups close: Thursday June 28th 2012
First drafts due: Monday June 25th 2012
Art claiming post: Friday June 29th 2012

Posting Schedule announced: 1st July 2012
Posting begins: Aug 12th, 2012
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Community: [community profile] darkangel_bb   ([syndicated profile] darkangel_bb_feed)

Fandom/Theme: Dark Angel, (Crossover friendly)

Minimum Word Count: 10,000

Author Signups - February 21st to March 31st
Artist Signups - February 21st to May 30st
Rough Drafts Due - May 30th
Artist Claiming - May 31st
Posting Starts - July 15th

Important Links:
FAQs and Rules
Author Sign Ups
Artist Sign Ups

Past Story Indexes:
Round 1 (2011)
Round 2 (2012)
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Community: [ profile] smallfandom_bb

Fandom/Theme: Being Human, Castle, Chronicles of Riddick, Dark Angel, The Dead Zone, Eureka, Hewligan, Primeval, Psych, and Pushing Daisies.

Minimum Word Count: 20,000

Status: Authors and artists still needed.

Important Links: Rules Author Sign-ups Artist Sign-ups Story Index (not yet applicable)