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White Collar Big Bang Round 5

Sign-ups for Round 5 of the White Collar Big Bang ([livejournal.com profile] whitecollar_bb) for authors and artists are now open! This year, for the first time, it’s a tiered challenge and writers can write a Mini (7500 word minimum), Big (10,000 word minimum) or Super (20,000 word minimum) Bang.

Author Sign Up Post | Artist Sign Up Post

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HELLO. Tentacle Big Bang is open officially for round 2. Authors and artists of all types and invited to sign up now! Writer sign ups are open until drafts are due, artist sign ups are open until everything gets claimed :)

Check out our FAQ + rules!
Our full schedule!
Or sign up as an artist!
Or an author!
And we even have a Livejournal mirror, if that's your style!

Hope to see you these!
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[livejournal.com profile] aos_bigbang

The first annual Agents of SHIELD Big Bang is well underway, and writer signups close January 1st! Don't miss it! :D
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The AVENGERS SHIPPING GAMES is a prompt-based shipping competition for the characters of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

DW Community: [community profile] avengersshippinggames
Tumblr: [tumblr.com profile] avengersshippinggames
Sign Ups: Close on Jan 5

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The Ace Attorney Big Bang!

Community: [community profile] aceattorneybigbang 

Fandom/Theme: All stories Ace Attorney related!

Minimum Word Count: 10,000

Status: Currently in sign-ups! Author sign ups end December 31st and artist sign ups will end February 28th. 

Important Links: Rules, Author Sign-Ups, Artist Sign-Ups, Cheerleader/Beta Reader Sign-Ups, Schedule  


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Artist claims are open but there doesn't seem to be as big of a turnout like last year so we need your help! Claims are up and there are still plenty of stories that need to be claimed! Come on over! We don't bite that much! ;)

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Link: [community profile] apocalypsebang | | [livejournal.com profile] apocalypsebang

Description: Hey everyone! We want you for the end of the world. Sign ups open now through 'til rough drafts are due for writers. Join us for fun and games in the end of times. All fandoms/original/rpf/artist media types/types of apocalypse/what have you welcomed and embraced. :)

Dates: Sign Ups open until rough drafts are due for authors on 3rd January. Art claims on 6th January. Posting begins 14th February
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@ LJ & [community profile] baycitybigbang

Starsky and Hutch have been working the mean streets of Bay City for over 38 years. New ideas keep a fandom fresh. We hope the Bay City Big Bang might generate new ideas that will keep our boys rolling down those mean streets for years to come.
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Artists! Original Fiction Big Bang needs you!

We’re closing in on the due dates for the rough drafts for this year’s stories, and we’d love to get some more artists signed up to help us make sure that all our awesome writers get some art for their stories.

If you’d like to take a look at some of the stories we’ve had written in previous years, take a look at our master lists: 2010, 2011, 2012. If you’d like to join us, head on over to the sign-up post at Dreamwidth and fill out a comment.

Sign-ups for artists end on August 12. Story summaries will go up for claiming on August 15, and the art will be due by September 28.

Come join us!
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Come and join [community profile] polybigbang, a multifandom threesomes or moresome big bang!

Sign Ups: Author | Artist

10,000 words for writers, any/all media types welcome for artists, sign ups for both open now. Any/all fandoms+RPF+original welcome. The more the merrier, always ;)
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Sign up for [livejournal.com profile] robotbigbang | | [community profile] robotbigbang today! It's robo-awesome!

Round 2 of Robot Big Bang is open for business! And that business is sign ups!

Minimum 10k written fic for writers, minimum 1 awesome artistic contribution for artists of any type! Swing by and check out our FAQ today for more info.
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In light of the brand new Season 3 of teen wolf, the Sterek Big Bang up and running! It's a community run by misakikinomoto and thecheekydragon, and is solely dedicated to Stiles/Derek and Tyler/Dylan. All artists, writers, betas and cheerleaders are welcome to join. :D

Word Count Minimum: 10,000 (Mini Bang), 20,000 (Big Bang)
Start of Sign-Up: June 1 (I'm going to pretend I'm not 7 days late in promoting this, lalalala ~)
End of Sign-Up: July 31 
Links: Home | Sign-Up | Schedule FAQs
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Come join the Dragon Big Bang! Sign ups start June 1st!
Author Sign-ups | Artist Sign-ups

This is over on LJ but feel free to sign up if your interested!
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Hello! I found this on LiveJournal and thought I'd share it here with all you lovely people on Dreamwidth!

Sastiel Big Bang

[profile] sastiel_bigbang has just announced a Sastiel Big Bang challenge for 2013.

The challenge focuses on the relationship between any combination of Sam Winchester, Castiel, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins from the series, Supernatural, in any form. Their minimum word count is 15,000.

Here's a link to their Schedule and F.A.Q.s

Sign ups will open on May 15th right after the season finale ends, so do check them out and tell all your friends! ♥
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Rules and FAQ | Party post | Bang sign up post | Opt-in post for remixing | Contact a mod

[community profile] ante_up_losers is hosting a big bang - with a twist.

This big bang is not fic only. Anyone can create any large piece and submit it as a bang work.

That's right - any type of work can be a big bang. Art, podfic, rec sets, meta, picspams - the list goes on and on. If you can think it up, you can do it in a big bang way! Size requirements for the media we could think of are listed here, but if we didn't mention a type of fanwork you'd like to make as a big bang, please Contact A Mod and we can discuss size and submission requirements.

In addition - we want all the big bangs to have rewards for their work, so there will be complementary pieces as well. Complements may also be any sort of fanwork. From fic to poetry to meta to comics to podfic to graphics and anything else you can think of. Size requirements for the complements are listed here. Again, if we haven't mentioned a type of fanwork you'd like to make as a complement, please Contact A Mod and we can discuss size and submission requirements.

Finally, to round out the teams, we are recruiting enthusiasm experts. If you enjoy being a Beta, a cheerleader, a whipcracker, an Alpha or any other type of random squee generator, efficiency expert, or general helper, we want you to join in the fun and help our teams get all those glorious fanworks completed!

Please check out the party post to see the ideas that have been flying around, or to add your on ideas/bang/complement/cheerleading offer. If you want to do a bang, the bang sign-ups are live, so you can go right ahead and post! Complement and cheerleader sign-ups will begin next week, so we can make sure all the teams have complements.

Come and join in the fun!


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