May. 9th, 2015

sineala: (Avengers: Steve/Tony: Frozen)
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The oldest Marvel-themed big bang is back for another year!

All stories in the Cap/Iron Man Big Bang must focus on the relationship between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Any Marvel continuity is welcome: whether you want to write a 616 story set in the 1960s glory days of the early Avengers comics or a MCU post-Age of Ultron epic, we're here for you! Gen and relationship stories are equally welcome! New participants are welcome! If you love Steve and Tony, we'd love to have you!

The minimum story length is 25,000 words.

There is no binding sign-up other than draft submission and summary claims. Notifying the mods of intent to participate is highly encouraged but not required; any writer who shows up with a rough draft in hand on the draft deadline can play, and any artist who claims a summary can play.

Come read our sign-up information and event schedule for more details and a complete schedule.

The community to join for event information is [ profile] c_im_bigbang; this is a challenge run under the auspices of [ profile] cap_ironman/[community profile] cap_ironman.


Now: Intent to participate (see our information for details); writers write.
September 23: Rough drafts due; writer sign-ups close.
September 26: Artists claim stories.
November 5: Posting begins.